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East Lothian Uncaged

A Voice for the Voiceless

Working to end the barbaric breeding, transportation and experimentation on animals.

ELU is a passionate group of individuals who have come together to be a voice for the voiceless.The voice of innocent animals such as Monkeys and Beagles tortured until death by the likes of Charles River, Tranent.

The Good – East Lothian Uncaged

The Pro-Active Protest Group

East Lothian Uncaged is all about getting the word out there – be it outside the animal testing facility Charles River or on the streets.
Whatever it takes!

Our am is to educate and inform the general public that an animal testing facility, Charles River, is on the doorstep of the folk of East Lothian and conduct daily experiments on animals such as Monkeys and Beagles all in the name of profit.

It’s Violence NOT Science


The Good – Abolicion Viviseccion

Vivisection has nothing to do with Science; It is a macabre upward trend that causes devastation.

Abolicion Viviseccion started from a comment on Twitter where someone posed a question as to why people didn’t do anything about the “Camarles experimental monkey farm” (Camarney), to which the overwhelming majority answered that something needs to be done to stop it.

The Good – Monkey Massacre in Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is one of the main countries dealing in monkeys for animal testing

Monkey Massacre in Mauritius aims at creating awareness and gathering up support against the cruel trade of long-tailed macaques for biomedical research, an inhumane and abusive practice in which Mauritius has been an active participant since the 80s, being the second largest exporter of this species.

The Good – Camp Beagle

The longest animal rights protest in history

Camp Beagle has been outside the gates of Britain’s biggest puppy factory, MBR Acres, Cambridgeshire since June 2021 and have no plans to go anywhere unless every cage is empty.

The industrial breeder supplies 16 week old beagles by the van load to toxicology testing laboratories to include Charles River Tranent.

The Bad – Charles River, Tranent

a (Home Office) Licence to Kill

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc., is an American pharmaceutical company specialising in a variety of preclinical and clinical laboratory, gene therapy and cell therapy services for the Pharmaceutical, Medical device and Biotechnology industries.

To put into simple terms the Company has been at the forefront of thinking that testing on animals will cure all diseases known to mankind! Get Real Charles River there are modern methods available NOW such as computer modelling, cells on a chip to name but a few.

The time will come when mankind will look back with both laughter and anger when they recall the barbric and out-dated practices used by the likes of Charles River.

It’s Violence NOT Science


The Ugly – Impex Couriers

‘Fully validated global couriers for the research and pharmaceutical industries’

Some couriers companies don’t have an morals.

Some courier companies are prepared to transport monkeys, beagles, in fact any animal destined to be tortured upon in laboratories for money.

East Lothian Uncaged thinks that it is wrong.

So what are you waiting for?

Come join the campaign to stop animal testing and become a ‘thorn in the side ‘ of Charles River


East Lothian Uncaged – Contact

Be part of changing history

Probably the easiest way to contact East Lothian Uncaged is to follow and contact us through our facebook page.